Choosing the Right Glasses

When glasses are a necessary part of our lives, it’s important to make sure they work well for your lifestyle. From frames to lenses, we want to help you choose the right pair.

Choosing the right Lenses

Your doctor will recommend which type of lenses will work best for your eyes, based on what your lifestyle needs might be. From driving to computers to sunglasses, there can be a lot of options to make the lenses customizable just for you.

Even though lenses are clear and look the same, there can be a HUGE difference in optics or how well you actually see between the different quality of lens material and design.  The coatings you choose on your lenses can also affect how well you see out of your lenses.  One example would be an anti-glare coating. This coating is very important for better night driving and computer vision.

Choosing the right Frames

Frame shape and color are the first things people think of when they’re picking them out, and that decision is mostly based on the shape of your face and skin tone.  It’s an important consideration because it will help determine which frames will be most flattering and make you look your best. It’s also recommended to choose the frame color based on your skin tone so that the colors don’t clash or wash you out. Lastly, keep in mind your prescription when choosing frames. The prescription of the lenses can affect how thick or thin you might want your frames to be.

Your doctor can help you make the best choices regarding your glasses. At Moffatt Eye Care, we have a wide selection of frames in our office for you to browse and choose from. We’d love to help get you set up with the perfect pair!

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