Cramming for Finals: Studying Tips and How to Prevent Eye Strain


We know you students out there are quickly approaching finals season, and this can be a stressful time. It can also be a time when students experience significant eye strain wh犀利士
ich can lead to discomfort, pain, or even vision loss. Here are some tips on how to have a more productive study session while being kind to your eyes.

Reduce Computer Eye Strain

Screentime is a significant cause of eye strain. While studying, make sure to zoom in or adjust font sizes so you can comfortably see everything without being too close to the screen. Remember to take frequent breaks. Give your eyes a break by looking away every 10 minutes to stare 10 feet away for at least 10 seconds. Try to limit screen time to two hours at a time before you step away for a longer break.

Reduce Reading Strain

Make sure you have ample lighting so you are not struggling to read in the dark. Really focused, up-close work is taxing on your eyes, so remember to take breaks and give your eyes a rest for at least a minute or so. Closing your eyes or looking into the distance for a minute will both help to prevent eye strain.

What other habits can make for better study sessions?

  • Don’t Cram – Time management is important. Start studying for an exam several days before the test date. Divide the information into easier-to-digest chunks. Working in smaller chunks will also help you to avoid excessively long sessions of screen time or reading.
  • Review Notes After Class – After you are done with classes for the day, review your notes while the day’s lessons are still fresh in your mind. This will help you retain the information better, and will make preparing for an exam easier, as you have already been studying all along.
  • Find a Consistent Time and Place to Study – Setting a daily routine will help you stay on track. Figure out a time and place where you get your best studying done, and stick to it. This will犀利士
    ensure that you study a little bit every day, reducing the amount of time you will need to cram right before a test.
  • Stay Hydrated and Don’t Skip Meals – We know it might be tempting to skip meals or forget to drink water while cramming for a test or scrambling to meet a deadline. Please remember to take care of your body, so your mind will function at its best. Manage your schedule so that you can dedicate time for meals and breaks.


Good luck on your finals, and remember to practice these eye-safe study tips. If you are a parent of a younger student reading this, please encourage your child to practice these tips. If you have any questions or concerns about eye strain or vision loss, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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