Don’t Wait for Blurry Vision to Get An Eye Exam

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Changes in vision are a normal part of life for literally millions of individuals. All of our eyes tend to change with age, so proactively monitoring them can help safeguard their health! Unfortunately, many wait until they start having problems before they go get an eye exam. What they don’t realize is, simply getting a checkup can help prevent problems from developing at all.

So who should get an eye exam, and exactly how do they help?

Prevention is unfortunately a part of eye care that many forget. We see way too many patients that simply waited way too long after developing symptoms to get a checkup. Our advice is this: do not wait for blurry vision to go get a checkup! According to a study conducted by WHO, approximately 80 percent of vision impairment globally is considered avoidable. You can get ahead of the curve simply by making an appointment with an eye doctor!

Secondly, many don’t realize how important it is for their children to get annual eye exams. Unfortunately, unclear vision affects people of all ages, and children likely have no frame of reference for what the symptoms feel like. Furthermore, eye problems can drastically affect the level at which your child is able to learn in school. Fortunately, getting your child a checkup can identify if problems have developed, and if they are likely to develop at all.

Annual eye exams are also especially important for those who already wear glasses or contacts as well. It is quite common for your prescription to change over time. This doesn’t necessarily mean your vision is getting worse, but as the needs of your eyes change, it is crucial that your prescription changes with them. This prevents eye strain, which ultimately will only make any existing problems worse.

And finally, eye exams are also a great tool to help patients discover other underlying health conditions as well. An annual eye exam can help to identify conditions like diabetes, brain tumors, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

When it comes down to it, there are plenty of reasons why it’s important to schedule an annual appointment with your eye doctors. An ongoing meeting is a huge part of prevention, and can pay dividends for years to come!

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